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  • A big thank you to Katherine Belarmino for this lovely piece. You'll have to scroll down a bit in order to reach the heading "Gossip about Scotland’s Literary Figures".

    Here is the link.

  • Forget A Tale of Two Cities – this is a tale of one city with two very different faces.

    An evening stroll through Edinburgh’s Old Town to its New Town, visiting some of Edinburgh’s oldest pubs on the way, offers an entertaining evening of enlightenment told through the Capital’s rich and varied literary history.

    All Edinburgh Theatre

  • The nightlife of Edinburgh is one of the pleasures the Scottish capital city offers its visitors. Thanks to the overwhelming range of historic pubs it is impossible to recommend only a few of them. But is there something else beneath the beer and whisky?

    Christiane Nönnig, German Travel Writer

  • Since Edinburgh's literary heritage tends to get swept aside by more frolicsome pursuits at Festival time, the Edinburg Literary Pub Tour is a welcome reminder of just how deeply steeped in fine verse and are the city's grey old courts and wynds.

    The Daily Telegraph

  • In 1826, Sir Walter Scott, the great Scottish poet, playwright, novelist and eventual biographer, found himself burdened by a crippling debt to the Crown after the Ballantyne printing company, in which he was heavily invested, went under. Scott decided that rather than declare himself bankrupt, he would simply write his way out of debt.

    National Post (Canada)

  • The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour is an unusual way to take in the history of Edinburgh's most famous writers.

    The Guardian

  • The words “culture” and “pub crawl” rarely sit side-by-side, but an award-winning tour in Edinburgh is proving that you van mix pints with poetry. Yeahbaby took a tour with one of its actors.


  • While many visitors read about these landmarks in guide-books, the ELPT version brings Scotland's literary past to life as it whisks us through courtyards, closes and pubs. In a few short hours, we span 300 years of literature from Robbie Burns to Ian Rankin.

    Pam Davies - Toronto Sun

  • James Henderson takes his pint - and his courage - in hand on a pub tour of literary Edinburgh.

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    The Financial Times

  • Norwegian visitors Paul Jorgenvag and Inger-Lise Koren went on the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour. They talked to Alison Young.

    Daily Record

  • I’ve been on pub tours before, but never one that fired my imagination like this.

    Matt Herron, Canadian Writer and Critic

  • Literary tourism has a long pedigree. Wordsworth and Keats paid their respects at the tomb of Burns, and that eager tourist Queen Victoria noted in her journal, "Passed the Clachan of Aberfoyle, renowned in Sir Walter Scott's Rob Roy."

    Scottish Book Collector

  • Rosemary Goring, Literary Editor of The Scotsman, gets a drink-fuelled insight into Scotland's great men of letters.

    Rosemary Goring, The Scotsman

  • A city like Jekyll and Hide: Authors and tourists alike appreciate its sinister charm. 

    Klaus von Seckendorff

    Sueddeutsche Zeitung

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