New Stones

Literature is not a thing of the past.

Makars’ Court is an evolving national literary monument featuring commemorative flagstones of the major writers in Scotland’s rich literary history. The evolutionary nature of Makars’ Court makes it impossible for a comprehensive and final list of Scottish Makars’ ever to be complete. As Scotland’s cultural landscape changes, so does the literature that speaks of it; as Scotland’s literature continues to grow and develop, so too will Makars’ Court.

New stones are added every year. Since its inauguration in 1999 with 12 original stones, the monument has grown to commemorate over 20 writers from all periods of Scottish literature from John Barbour (1320 – 1395) to Naomi Mitchison (1897 – 1999).

Since the Makars’ Court Literary Tour was devised, six more writers have entered this literary hall of fame: in 2002 Makars’ Court commemorated the novelists John Galt, Neil Gunn, and Neil Munro. In October 2003, three new stones were laid to pay tribute to the life and work of three of the 20th century’s most distinguished poets: Tom Scott, Sydney Goodsir Smith, and Douglas Young.